So we've been toying with the idea of embarking on a cleanse of late... a few to many burgers at the BBQ, if you know what I mean.  The problem?  We just like food, quite frankly. We like to cook it, talk about it, and we love to serve it up in style.
So, while the Delight team contemplates giving up carbs for 14-21 days, here are
1. Just Like Betty Crocker We love a good recipe – but we love it even more safely recorded in a lovely cookbook.  A great gift, and a must-have to a tip top kitchen. 2. Conquer The Mighty Egg This gorgeous cookbook will make the mystery of the egg go far, far away. And with our amazing egg cup timer, you can ensure perfect breakfasts every Saturday.
3. Master The Grill We've rounded up the key essentials for masterful grilling.  A cookbook created by the masters, and an apron/mit combo to keep you spatter and singe free. 4. Tastespotting Feed your food addiction by drooling over gorgeous photos of achievements in the kitchen.
5. Know Your Cheese Who can resist these adorable little birds? Who can resist a great platter of cheese? We can’t! 6. Toast And Tables - Beautiful inspirations for gorgeous table settings with an emphasis on weddings and bridal engagements.
7. Serve It Up In Style When you're queen of the castle – it's always fitting to look the best in the room. This lovely apron is fab, fab, fabulous...and a gorgeous tea towel to match! is an every day shopping adventure dedicated to putting the joy back in shopping. We cut through the retail clutter and bring a highly edited and ever-changing showcase of products that are insanely useful, a fantastic value, or just downright fabulous. Check in every day at Noon CST, and catch our Daily Featured Item first before it sells out...or the special offer disappears. :: One Stylish Deal for One Day. Happy Shopping!